Honey & Misfits

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Honey & Misfits is a philanthropic streetwear company that plays on subtle hip hop and urban cues.
A portion of all sales are donated to different charities throughout the year.
Currently Giving To:
Southwest Autism Research & Resource Center (SARRC)
in hopes of making a difference in our hometown.


Streetwear is typically known for having a calloused, too cool for school, "dgaf" mentality. 
But for us? We actually do care — and we care about people.
Honey & Misfits is a harmonious clashing of ideas.
The term "misfits" celebrates the edgy, rebellious spirit,
while "honey" plays on the warm, compassionate, and philanthropic aspect of our brand.


One of my first emails when I was younger was tkdbarbiegirl (please don’t try emailing me).
I thought I had singlehandedly created the coolest email because of the juxtaposition of ‘tkd’ (tae kwon do) and ‘barbie girl.’
It was feminine, yet badass – a style and demeanor I would grow to love.
While I did wise up and abandon that email, I never grew out of my love for pairing contrasting, fluid elements.

Honey & Misfits is exactly that.
It’s masculine and feminine.
Sweet and rough around the edges.
It’s for the black sheep.
The weirdos.
The rebel spirits with hearts of absolute pure gold.

My name is Shanna. And this is my muse.

Welcome to the misfit crew.